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GT9-350-R - 16x9 9" Reversible LCD Monitor

These 9 inch reversible LCD monitors offer the following:

  • - Small, reversible LCD monitor for use as an Above the Lens prompting monitor for hand held or Steadi Cam use.
  • - 350 Nits
  • - Use the reversing function and use with a mirror and have Thru-the-lens prompting.
  • - This monitor also works well as a confidence monitor.

* Please note that this monitor will need to be modified. These modifications will vary from end user to end user. As will your mounting options.

• 350 Nits – Very readable
• Full Color Display
• 16 x 9
• Composite Input
• Reversible Image
• Power required is 12 volts DC (Not Included)
• Measures 9" x 6" x 1" and weighs 1.6 lbs

Original Back of monitor:

Here is an example of how we modify them for our use.

Modified Back of monitor:

They also require an Optional DC 12 volt power supply, either from the camera (Anton Bauer D-Tap) or an external  DC 12 Volt power source.  

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