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Camera Mounting Arms

We offer two different arms for mounting monitors above the lens.
A "Telescopic" extending mounting arm and a "Jaw" based mounting arm.


Price $360


Our Telescopic Mounting Arm
mounts to the camera using a
1/4 20 hole in the camera's handle
and 'extends' out to the lens.
A very clean mounting option when
there is an available 1/4 20 threaded hole.


Price $495


Our "Jaws of Life" mounting arm uses a clamp to grab hold of anything available to mount on. Great for use when there is no threaded holes to mount in.



Both of our mounting arms are available with "Ball Clamps or "Slot Clamps" on the monitor end of the arm.



C-Stand Monitor Mount

GT-FSM: Folding Monitor Mount
Price: $195


We have come up with a "Folding" Monitor Mount for use on a C-Stand. The Back Plate mounts to the back of any monitor with 100 or 75 mm VESA holes - and stays there!


The adjustable Tilt Plate that slips over the top of a C-Stand can be stored in a bag with the monitor when it is traveling, then attached to the Back Plate on the monitor for use in the field.

C-Stand Monitor Mount

When attached, you can adjust the monitor to almost any position for viewing.

Monitor Mounting Options

GT-RM: Rod Type Mounting Blocks
Price: $65 Each


We have replacement Mounting Blocks that accept your mounting rods:



Attach to your M4 VESA Holes




GT-VMP: VESA Plate With Rod Type Mounting Blocks
Price: $385 Each – Includes Plate & 4 Blocks


We also have a VESA Mounting Plate to attach the Blocks to if your monitor has no M4 holes on the four corners:




GT-BMP: 75mm VESA Plate With .815” Ball
Price: $65


Attach this to your 75mm VESA holes to provide a grab ball (.815” Diameter)




Great for use with our Telescopic Mounting Arm


Custom Monitor Carrying Bags


Custom Monitor Carrying BagsPrices Vary - See Below


These custom sized carrying bags with foam inserts are great for not only carrying your monitors but protecting them as well.


Since the bags are custom made, they will fit any monitor – PicFlip or any other brand.

They are available in two versions:


Flat Style to accommodate just the monitor:
The monitor is cradled in a foam insert and then covered with a zippered bag with carrying handles.


And "Pillow" Style to accommodate the monitor as well as the mounting hardware - In this case our foldable Monitor Mount.




GT-MB Flat - $195
GT-MB w/Pillow - $200

We will get measurements via e-mail or a phone call prior to processing your order

Custom Cables $65


We have been getting a lot of request to create custom cables - mostly for adapting power supplies to small monitors. Here are just a few examples. We can make almost any combination you might need.


Custom Cables


• Most 2' to 3' cables involving combinations of XLR, Anton Bauer, & 2.1 - 5.5mm adapters run $45

• Lemo style add $10 per end.

• We can make any length to fit your needs.

Contact us for your specific cable needs.


Order these items now, by using our convenient online order form!